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"Who Else  Wants The Little-Known Secrets  To Charm, Mesmerize  And Persuade ANY Woman To Hypnotically Obey Your EVERY Word And DO Whatever You WANT Them To Do…

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... As You Discover How To "Control The Flow", Calibrate With A Woman's Emotional State, Get Her To Open Up And Give Herself ENTIRELY To You Within Minutes Of Talking To Her…

Dear Friend,


e frank with me. I want to know:

  • Have you ever gotten so nervous with a girl you liked, you ended up saying something dumb and had her squinting, rolling her eyes and giving you that “Uuugh#%!... you did not just say that!” look...
  • You’re on a date with a girl you really like, all you could do was to “just talk”, asking her the same routine “job interview” questions and you somehow knew she was BORED out of her wits talking with you
  • Have you ever found yourself not knowing how to react and what to say back when a woman rejects you or is giving you a hard time and you wanted to regain back the power in your conversation?
  • Have you ever been on a date, and you wanted to connect with her on a romantic/sexual level... but the conversation didn't really go anywhere no matter how hard you tried, and in the end she "just wanted to be friends"?

      If you answered “YES!” to any of these questions, you are NOT alone. I know exactly how you feel. I've personally been through them myself.

       I've experienced every one of the same fears, frustrations, and "self-irritations" in my past, but fortunately... not anymore.

       I'm about to tell you a true story. If you believe me, getting the woman you want will be easy. If you don't believe me, I will make it worth your while to change your mind. First off, let me explain...

Why Some Guys Gets All The  Women They Want Without  Trying… While Most Get Rejected And FAIL

      I’m sure you’ve noticed how guys who are “naturally” successful with women don’t seem to “screw things up” very often…

      Somehow, in some way or form, they just seem to end up with the women all of the other guys want…

      It’s like they can grab the attention of any woman they choose— and keep her "clinging" on to them for as long as they want to... without needing any “techniques” or "lines" to help them do it.

      You might constantly be tearing your hair out, silently beating yourself... wondering, "How in the world do they do it??!!"

      How do they know just the right thing to say at the right time, or when to make a move… or how to get a woman interested in them in the first place?


      By now you should know that women are creatures of emotions.

      They CRAVE to feel.

      Without it, they'll feel "empty" deep inside... "lonely" even.

      And emotions of ATTRACTION in a woman is sparked when you can effectively and consistently create a roller-coaster of feelings: excitement, romance, anticipation and complete exhilaration in her.

      ... "How do I create that feeling?", you ask.


      WORDS trigger feelings.

      It has nothing to do with remembering 423 sequential steps, memorizing fake stories, NLP, hypnosis, or any form of cool "technique" you may have heard or seen elsewhere.


The "Secret Sauce" That Makes ALL The Difference...

      ...Is in the way you INTERACT with women... that's where the "magic" happens.

      But know this --- Interaction in itself consists of a few key elements: Approaching women and starting conversations, using body language to flirt, create "tension" and attraction, conversation & persuasion skills to build rapport/trust with women, and smoothly transitioning into getting physical without rejection...

      It’s a physical and emotional response… that makes a woman feel like she and you are "ONE".

      My point is this:

      If you don’t understand the inner motivations that women have, and you don’t understand how to give women the experiences and feelings that they want, then you won’t stand a chance of attracting women... ANY woman.

      .... And mastering the art  of "female" conversation & persuasion is one of the MOST powerful ways to "reel" the woman you want into you... FAST.

Now, Before We Get Started There’s Something
Very Important That You Need To See...

It's a report that outlines the advanced psychological secrets to influencing, persuading & being more successful with women. Simply enter your First name and Email address below, click on the 'Send My Report' button, and it will arrive in your inbox when you're done reading this letter:

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The Privilege Of Being “One Of The Guys”…

      Here's the story behind this breakthrough: For the last 7 years, I've been privy to hang with many of the WORLD’S BEST pick-up artists and experts of women and dating -- some call it the "inside" of the Underground Pick-Up Community.

      I observed and I watched how they did "it", how they were enjoying their sex-filled, "rockstar" lifestyle with gushing streams of women coming in left, right and center, week after week... it was one of those things where you simply had to be there in person,  to actually see all the "madness" that was going on.

      ... And yeah sure, it got me to learn a thing or two along the way, but the real icing to it all was the fact that it allowed me to forge "blood-brother" friendships with those dudes that was most precious.

      Now, as you may know, I have a DEEP passion for helping guys achieve success with women, and because of my rock-solid commitment to help you get this part of your life handled out, I’ve actually managed to leverage on my connections to convince and coax one of our community’s BEST...

      ... The incredibly media-shy, shadow phantom-like Dean Cortez (the clan calls him “Master Shifu”) to come out of the woodwork and share his finest 'inside' secrets on persuasion & influence with women in a privately arranged secret CD-recording session at an undisclosed location in LA, California earlier this year.

Why You MUST Stop Everything You’re Doing And Listen Very Closely…

       Just in case you’re going “Dean... who??!!”

       Suffice to say, he’s terribly “low-pro” before this and I bet you’ll be shocked to know that he’s actually the “brains” behind the highly controversial “M.A.C.K. Tactics: The Science of Seduction Meets the Art of Hostage Negotiation” book which broke all prior sales records & revolutionized the entire dating game you see today.

      The moment it was released, it quickly drew red-hot sizzling reviews from:


... even Spike Radio Network and many other "big name" media houses couldn't shut their trap about it - because it SHATTERED the whole concept of pickup and left other "gurus" shaking their heads, lost in the dust.

      He’s the co-author of the head-turning “The Alpha Rules: 21 Principles For Sexual Power And A Superior Lifestyle” book along with highly respected Dating & Attraction expert  -- Carlos Xuma.

      He's a former LA movie scriptwriter and successfully written movies, a series of books about dating and male empowerment, and hundreds of articles for numerous national magazines.

      ... And he's...


America's #1 Go-To Guy In The Field Of Advanced  Persuasion & Conversation With Women…

      What makes him stand HEAD OVER SHOULDERS above the rest of the “dating gurus” out there is the fact that he has taken years of his time to team up with an actual Hostage Negotiator to study the techniques that Negotiators use to influence and persuade people.

      As you know, Negotiators are highly trained expert communicators. They understand the massive power of words and language.

      They know phrases and questions that can build instant bridges of trust with a stranger...and they can guide conversations in the exact direction they want it to go.

      (I'm talking Jedi mind control stuff here... I’ve personally seen him work his magic with women… and I’ve got to say it's amazing to see this 'stuff' in action...)

      He then tactfully applied and field-tested these powerful methods to the world of dating and pickup, so that YOU can use these secrets of influence and persuasion to become the most attractive Alpha Male in the room...EVERY TIME.

       The best part?

He Opened Up His Brain And Spilled Everything

      ... on our special super-private recording, heck, he even broke down the science of persuasion and attraction into a step-by-step process to make it as LEARNABLE as possible to ensure anyone can learn and master.

      This means that it does not matter where you are now with your 'skill sets'.  Or your experiences with women.  (He gets a particular thrill out of helping truly clueless and self-described "hopeless" cases.)

      I'm talking about finally understanding, on a super-deep "alpha-influence" level:

Where women "feel" it the most (Their most vulnerable sweep-spots)...

What you need to say to convince them to do what you want them to do...

HOW to say it... (yes, he reveals the coolest tricks behind street-smart, field-tested female psychology)...

And how to get all of this done in record time... through a step-by-step, logical, repeatable process.

Lethal Influence & Persuasion Techniques NO ONE Talks About…

      His ability to teach so well comes from a deep understanding of female behavioral process. And a dedication to articulating exactly what he does... so others can follow.

      Plus, he was born with just enough innate laziness to make him an expert at finding the shortcuts.

      Shortcuts are good. Simple breakthroughs are good, too.
Here's a small glimpse into what you’ll learn in this closed-door, ‘underground’ secret recording:

  • A detailed, broken down structure of approaching women and starting conversations so that she feels comfortable when talking to you with specific real-life examples.

  • How to use "power phrases" that can control a woman's emotional state and trigger her attraction switches to turn a boring, standard conversation into a compelling, fun and flirty ones

  • Breakthrough techniques for controlling every conversation. (Imagine every time you meet a girl, you'll know exactly how to "control the flow." No nervous small talk. No awkward silences. You'll use advanced conversation tactics to hold her attention, while building her curiosity and interest in you...

  • 3 Ways to neutralize the other men who are after your woman, without ever having to confront them.

  • Secrets of Conversation Control: guiding the conversation in order to avoid the wrong subjects, while staying in a groove that amplifies her attraction towards you. (No matter what "type" of guy she thinks she is looking for, you'll be the guy she is attracted to.)

  • The 5 “sneaky” ways to warm up a cold woman so that she will WANT to reveal more about herself.

  • How to lead a woman down the "path to yes" instead of giving her reasons to say "no" in your interactions with her

  • How to turn objections/rejections (small throwaway remarks like "you're too young/too old for me, you're too nice, you're too short", you're not my type", etc) from women into positive and constructive conversation?

  • ... And that's just for starters!

Watch & Listen As The "Master Charmer"  Unveils His Bag Of PROVEN Tested Stealth  Lines & Techniques…

      I've to admit, I was silently banging my head on the wall wondering "Why didn't I think of that??!!" as he was firing on all cylinders on the other end too... because Dean was also talking about:

- How to use Negotiator Tactics to place her in her comfort zone, capture her interest, build "I.O.U.'s" (stealth technique) and gain her confidence

- The trigger words you should NEVER use with a woman (but most guys use all the time), and the words you should use to create subconscious chemistry

- The 7 topics that are guaranteed to start a good, long, ENGAGING conversation and how to calibrate those to a woman's current state?

  • His list of powerful communication words to maximize your impact in a conversation and trigger the subconscious emotions that motivate women

  • The best possible way to handle situations in which he is unable to think of things to talk about

  • 3 Stripped down analysis of real-life example on TRANSITION into getting physical with a woman.

  • Mastering the skill of "Sexual Communication" is key when it comes to success with women and dating. Here you’ll uncover the core components of Sexual Communication, and how they fit and work together

  • How to turn around a conversation with a woman that is showing no interest to know you before you say... NEXT?

  • ... and the best has yet to come!

      In my sworn quest to make sure you get this skill 'down' ONCE AND FOR ALL, I decided to raise the bar to a whole new level this time, it took me 12 painful, EXHAUSTING months of "thick-faced" pleading and hardcore begging to do it, but thank God I finally did it!

"I Actually Got Him To Surrender His ENTIRE  Arsenal Of His Most Prized, Most Treasured  Secrets No One's Ever Heard About!"

      Uh-huh, you read that right. This means that you'll ALSO be getting:

FIVE Additional Underground Premium Bonuses Worth A Whopping  $429.85 But Yours FREE!


Underground Giveaway #1:

"M.A.C.K. Tactics: Ultimate Edition -- The Method. Action. Confidence. Knowledge To Creating Attraction With Women" -- (Value:$55.95)

This legendary black 300+ page book is the one that started it all and turned him into a global phenomenon literally overnight!

The 20 chapters in this smash-hit book cover an incredible range of topics from Approaches, to Conversation Control, Confidence Building, Mack Fashion, Wingmen, First Dates, Negotiation Techniques, Closing the Deal, Target Rich Environments, the Secrets of Magnetic Attraction, and much, much more.

Filled with everything you need to know about creating a new, more attractive you, playing the

dating game to win, and persuading and communicating with women on a powerful new level, this is a definite MUST READ!

This is not just another "pickup artist" book. It's a blueprint for a new SUPER-CONFIDENT LIFESTYLE and a new ATTITUDE towards getting women.

It's no exaggeration to say that by the time you're finished with this, you'll start to realize how 'easy' women will be when you've learned how Negotiators use psychological techniques to build bonds, gain trust, and maneuver the interaction towards the results YOU want.

Underground Giveaway #2:

"M.A.C.K. Tactics Seminar LIVE In Las Vegas" -- (Value:$197.00)

This is an exclusive "never-seen-before" private video recording of the now infamous sold-out "Training Day: M.A.C.K Tactics Seminar... LIVE In LA!" which was previously only accessible for actual attendees who paid top-dollar for attendance.

In this video instruction series, you'll have a front-row seat at an actual Mack Tactics seminar in Las Vegas, taught by one of the nation's best Hostage Negotiators who shows how his techniques are applied to dating as it explains his entire system and provides actual demonstrations on how to approach, meet and close the deal with women.


Underground Giveaway #3:

"Secret Weapons & Attraction Techniques -- The Player's Ultimate S.W.A.T. Journal" -- (Value:$37.00)

This 70+ page book is the perfect “complement” to Dean’s persuasion techniques as he lays down his complete arsenal of tactics for meeting and scoring with women in virtually any situation ... from the opening approach, to capturing her interest, creating subconscious sexual attraction, and closing the deal.

On top of that, you’ll also discover:

- How to walk up to ANY woman you want, start a conversation, present yourself the RIGHT way and control the conversation without rejection

  • How to take your friendship with a woman to the next level ... without messing up the friendship

  • Natural, smooth ways to re-attract a woman you were dating before, but her attraction to you cooled off...

  • How to instantly transform your entire outlook from a "nice guy" and a "good friend" ... to a cocky, masculine, smooth "bad boy" that women jealously COMPETE for

  • ... plus much more!

Underground Giveaway #4:

"Audio CD Recording: 7+ HOURS Confessions Of The M.A.C.K. Master -- The Complete Tactical Course" -- (Value:$89.95)

This CD-quality series contains a complete audio version of the Mack Tactics book, plus HOURS of all-new material jammed packed inside.

Get ready to write fast and jot down endless pages of notes as you'll be getting more than 7 HOURS+ of "juicy", real-world tactical information that you can listen to on your computer, iPod, or burn onto a CD.

As if that's not enough,  you will also find a special one-hour audio coaching session SECRETS OF INNER GAME featuring Carlos Xuma, one of the nation's top dating & lifestyle coaches of our time!


Underground Giveaway #5:

"Mastering The Art Of Macking Ladies Online -- The H.T.M.L. Method" -- (Value:$49.95)

Did you know?: Jupiter Research reports that 97% of the men who join online dating sites quit within the first 3 months. The #1 reason why is because they were not getting results.

Yet, Internet dating is proving a much more successful way to find long-term romance and friendship for thousands of people than was previously thought, new research shows.

A new study of online dating site members has found that when couples who had built up a significant relationship by e-mailing or chatting online met for the first time, 94% went on to see each other again.

The Internet is definitely "the" new frontier to meeting quality women and this manual shows you how to master Internet dating. It'll teach you how to not only meet girls on the Internet (which anyone can do), but connect with them in a powerful way that makes them want to move the relationship into the "real world" as soon as possible.  Things such as:

  • The mistakes 90% of guys make in their choice of username, headlines and profiles - with examples of all of real-life good/bad ones and what they should mention to attract more women!

  • The secret 5-step fail-proof online dating progression, from start to finish
    A complete profile dissected and revised step-by-step, with examples of how to improve every area of your own for maximum results.

  • A "secret" formula to creating an amazing personal ad that TRIPLES the chances of a woman emailing and contacting you

  • ... plus a whole lot more!

"Field-Tested PROVEN Techniques That Works In The REAL WORLD, From A PRO Who Is DOING It EVERY Day, NOT Just Talking About It..."

      You’ll get to see first-hand how he does it – his in-depth insights, scorching red-hot techniques & REAL WORLD experiences work so well, it'll easily throw the 10s, 9s & 8s off their pedestals & have them begging for your approval!:

  • 5 unavoidable rules for achieving massive "cocky confidence." Picture yourself having more women in your life than you can handle and being the Alpha Male that women chase. There aren't enough days in the week to spend time with all of the girls who are calling and texting you. But you'll never have to worry about losing a girl -- because others will be competing for your attention!

  • The little-known facts about what women want out of men and relationships... how a girl subconsciously "judges" you... and how to make sure YOU always make the right first impression. (What women say they want, and what they are naturally programmed to NEED in a man, are two very different things. 95% of men have no clue, and it's why they NEVER get the women they deserve...)

  • How to "jam her radar": Wickedly effective stealth tactics that let you slip through her defenses and make her instantly curious to know you, instead of shutting you out!

  • Underground Stealth Pick-Ups -- "Radar jamming" techniques techniques that will completely change the way you interact with women. Students of mine have gotten 8-10 phone numbers a night by using these methods!

  • Secrets Of Same Night Lays: Advanced master-level deal-closing techniques to get ANY woman in your bed that very same night you meet her which includes the 4 questions you absolutely must ask every woman you interact with, to get her into bed for one-night stands.

  • ... Plus much more!

"The Founding 'Grand Daddy'  Of Seduction : Ron Louis Proudly Announces..."


"This is some of the most cutting-edge material on seduction you can get anywhere."

"I almost never give my endorsement to other authors in the dating field, because I think most are just teaching 'lines' and 'routines' that aren't going to help you in real-life situations. Others are 'pretty boys' who have no game and just rely on their looks and a cocky attitude. I have been friends with Dean Cortez from M.A.C.K. Tactics for the past three years and have nothing but praise for his work and his personal character.

He's incredibly natural, playful and fun with women, and it's amazing to see his techniques in action. He's also great at breaking down the complexities of seduction into understandable lessons. This is some of the most cutting-edge material on seduction you can get anywhere."

- Ron Louis, author of 'How To Succeed With Women,' the top-selling seduction book of the past decade (more than 250,000+ copies sold in 8 languages worldwide)

      As you can see, this guy's no bull, he's as REAL as it can ever get and with the monstrous-sized of materials he's practically shoving at you here, there's absolutely NO FREAKIN' WAY you'll be able to fail at getting the women you want.

      It's his weird egocentric way of saying "I know my stuff works, I'm giving it ALL to you, use it, and see why it's the best damn thing out there right now!"

      Bottom line's this -- If you are serious about learning the art of hypnotic  conversation that captures women's attention and magnetically get them to be spell-bounded, enthralled and responding to every word you say -- this is, by far, the most *complete* resource you will find anywhere.

      Nothing -- and I do mean NOTHING -- is held back.

      Each section builds on the one before, and if you're at all like everyone else I've shared this with... you will actually FEEL the skills and confidence growing like monsters inside your mind. 

So Let's Wrap It Up…

      Here's a recap of what you're going to get:

1. "Conversation & Persuasion Mastery With Women"

2. "M.A.C.K. Tactics: Ultimate Edition -- The Method. Action. Confidence. Knowledge To Creating Attraction With Women"

3. "M.A.C.K. Tactics Seminar LIVE In Las Vegas"

4. "Secret Weapons & Attraction Techniques -- The Player's Ultimate S.W.A.T. Journal"

5. "Audio CD Recording: 7+ HOURS Confessions Of The M.A.C.K. Master -- The Complete Tactical Course"

6. "Mastering The Art Of Macking Ladies Online -- The H.T.M.L. Method"

      These extra bonuses are worth over $429.85. But you'll get all of them for FREE, just for TRYING this out…

What’s It Worth To Have One Of The World’s Top Persuasion Coach Revealing HIS Secrets For Influencing Women To YOU

      Imagine if you had the power to talk to women, get them laughing, flirting and liking you in just a few minutes... wherever you go, you'll watch heads turn.

       Imagine how it’ll feel like to FINALLY be called "the player" by your friends and have a stable of sexy women at your back and call?

      Imagine the raw aggression of POWER, that awesome “king-of-the-world!” like feeling when you’ve FINALLY found the one perfect woman for a long-term relationship?

       What is that worth to you?

      A thousand dollars? Five thousand? More? For most men I know, it would be priceless. Just the POSSIBILITY of having this kind of ‘power’ over women would be worth the investment.

      For years, the only way you could get this information was to enroll in Dean's  $1995.00 12-week personal coaching program. And that's if  he could even take you as a client - which usually had a waiting list of six or seven months long.

      Luckily for you, we're not even going to charge you anywhere NEAR that amount. Because we want as many success stories as we can get for our upcoming premium VIP "by invitation only" membership club which we're working tirelessly on right now (you'll be hearing A LOT about it come year-end), your investment today is only a one time rock-bottom price of $1297 $497 $247 $67.

      Our loss, YOUR gain.

***Special Update***: As of  , the introductory price of only $1297 $497 $247 $67 still stands. But I can't promise it’ll remain tomorrow... Or even a few hours from now... Once we've hit our pre-determined number of success stories, the price will be back up to it's intended level immediately without notification. Click here to take advantage and lock yourself in the discounted price now...

      So the question you’re probably asking right now is...

“Why Should You Believe What I Have To Say?”

      And my answer to you is that you're right. You SHOULDN’T just blindly believe me.

      In fact, I would recommend that you approach my materials with a dose of healthy skepticism, and download all the materials here on this page, go out and TRY it first!

      I want you to TRY what you learn here... for FREE.

      Yup, I'm so confident you'll be more than thrilled by what you're about to discover here, this is my...

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      This means you have a full 60 days to see if this is going to work for you. If you determine that it isn't, or if you don't like it - for any reason, just let me know and I'll gladly refund your money. No hassles. No hard feelings.

      I truly want to help you meet and get more great women. I get emails every day from guys who are using these materials to improve their success in the dating world, and I want to help you too.

      The worst that can happen is you get to put these techniques to work for you for two full months, and still walk away with ALL the FIVE special bonuses (worth $429.85) I’ve thrown in... FREE!

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Or you hesitate … and wind up going on from here AS YOU’VE ALWAYS BEEN.

      You already know it: If you don't take action now, you will NEVER get what you want with women... You'll merely continue to burn a BIG fat hole in your wallet paying for "fruitless" dates, feeling desperate, worn-out and lonely with NOTHING to show.

      I've already given you the biggest bargain of your life -- because I've convinced Dean to reveal what took him 11 years to perfect: how to persuade any woman to do ANYTHING you want using nothing but words.

      ... and he'll show you exactly how he does it within minutes of meeting a woman that works in ANY situation -- however "tricky" or "difficult" it may seem to be.

      Is your biggest problem that women are ALWAYS pushing you around? Would you rather PRESS BUTTONS than have your buttons pressed with women? You decide.

      As you can see, I’ve done everything possible to give you this opportunity.

      The rest is up to you.

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 Simon H                       Dean Cortez

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P.S. This is the skill you cannot ignore - or you'll very likely have to settle for a woman that you meet out of CONVENIENCE, always feeling that you "deserve" more. Don't end up this way.

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What else is there to lose? 


Read What Others Have To Say:

**(Customer Initials Used For Privacy Reasons)**


"It would have helped me avoid many useless dates, bad relationships, and the wrong women. This is something that all of us need -- not just in scenarios where we meet women, but in all areas of life."

"Last New Year's, I made a resolution that I would get out there and start meeting more women. I met a friend who told me about M.A.C.K. Tactics, and the day I purchased the program I could not stop reading and watching the videos until I was finished. I just wish I had this information when I was younger! It would have helped me avoid many useless dates, bad relationships, and the wrong women. This is something that all of us need -- not just in scenarios where we meet women, but in all areas of life."

~~ Roger, New York City

"Within three weeks of learning your program, I met the girl that I'm now currently dating."

"I've read all the books in the dating & seduction field, which tend to recycle the same information and offer a lot of false hope. M.A.C.K. Tactics is an explosion of fresh ideas and insights into what women truly desire, and how to make them pursue YOU instead of playing their game. The Hostage Negotiator techniques take it to a mindblowing level. I learned so much about the power of words and phrasing, and how to build bonds with women and gain their trust. Within three weeks of learning your program, I met the girl that I'm now currently dating. Before M.A.C.K. Tactics, I would have thought a girl as hot as her was 'out of my league.' Now, my options are limitless."

~~ Anthony, Miami, FL

"Wished I could have this YEARS before could've saved me much depression and embarrassment then but who cares, at least I'm getting MY SHARE of options with women right now..."


EXCELLENT stuff. I'm wondering why I've never heard of Dean before??!! Is he new to the community? Anyway I could tell that he's the real deal, he speaks fast, and his words... magnetic. I'm sure it'll be quite a spectacle to see how he games women one-on-one. Does he do personal coaching? lol.

Wished I could have this YEARS before could've saved me much depression and embarrassment then but who cares, at least I'm getting MY SHARE of options with women right now hehe.. thanks dude you ROCK!"

~~ Windsor, OC

"I like his style, he choice of phrasing words, it turns the whole game around and I'm starting to see real results with women now!"


Loved your newsletters but this is way better! I've never really been able to 'penetrate' in to the HB10s, they're hot and they know it and it always seems like I'm at the mercy all the time, why? Because I'm honestly pretty average looking and these girls, they DO judge you by your looks at first.

Dean was amazing, I like his style, he choice of phrasing words, it turns the whole game around and I'm starting to see real results with women now! Thanks man I'll never under-estimate the power of words ever again. Keep up the great work buddy... Your materials are as always eye-opening."

~~ Fabian W, Designer, Milwaukee

"... I got my lay the other night, just like what Dean said, it's all about the controlling the flow, controlling the energy, the vibes..."

"Talk about value for money! Whooo I got my lay the other night, just like what Dean said, it's all about the controlling the flow, controlling the energy, the vibes, soo got that!

Dude, where'd you find this guy??! He ROCKS! Guys, for those of you, whom like me previously had problems with getting a woman to (really) open up and reveal herself to you, you must download and listen to this, it's a very to-the-point recording and to me it's super insightful. Persuasion and words, powerful combination!

All the best!"

~~ Cromee D, LA

"... Things went ahead pretty quickly and before I knew it, we were making out (wildly!) in my car just before she got back home..."


I'm impressed with your newsletters, you really know your sh#t, you sure you're no bit#h on the other end? lol... kidding. Dean's game is tight. I like his mindset on how he deals and the way he communicates with women, I see where the hostage negotiator thingy fits in now hehe..

Results? Yeah.. I used to be pretty bothered by how I was actually getting the results I wanted especially with the women I LIKED. It's not easy when you're really into a girl and trying your best not to screw up but here's what I did, I blurted out the SAME EXACT WORDS Dean shared in this recording and bam! I couldn't believe it, it worked... just like THAT!

I got this girl out on a date (took the time to practice my word phrases beforehand) and whatdayaknow??!! things went ahead pretty quickly and before I knew it, we were making out (wildly!) in my car just before she got back home. Sweet!!

Thanks simon, couldn't have done it with your advice and materials. Stay in touch!"

~~ Aiden J, New Hampshire

"Tested it out on a total of 4 women til now, and one of them I've already slept with!"

"Dave my man,

Yeah I've heard of Dean before, he had a book written with Carlos Xuma before right? This stuff you have couldn't have arrived at a better time. I'm pretty orite when talking to women, but when it comes to getting them to do what I WANT them to do, that's always been an issue for me. I like this dude you recorded with, he's got that 'fire' and that 'belief' in his strategies, I could feel it.

But yeah, I've never really realized how my own 'words' were actually affecting my own game, was too caught up with the other so-called bigger, more 'important' stuff but I've learnt that mastering the power of words ALONE, plays a BIG part in the game! This is the one that 'did' it for me, I'm starting to see how it all comes together now... the confidence that flows off you when you phrase your words in an authoritative way.

It takes practice and I'm practicing alright! lol. Tested it out on a total of 4 women til now, and one of them I've already slept with! Whooooo!!!! Rock on bradas, keep up the great job! I'm definitely listening!"

~~ Culbert S, Maine, Store Manager

"It pointed out all my mistakes – point blank. I’ve changed ever since, and guess who has 2 girlfriends… AT THE SAME TIME now!"


EXCELLENT techniques! To the point, no BS which I like! I have always wondered why I was always on the losing end with women… it’s not like I was ugly or fat.. I’m pretty good looking actually, according to what my friends tell me., that is hehe.

And I’m a nice guy too which always left me dumbfounded on what I did wrong with women. Because of my looks, I tend to get noticed by girls a lot, but after talking to me, usually their interests tends to just  fizzle out.

That’s why I love this soo much! It pointed out all my mistakes – point blank. I’ve changed ever since, and guess who has 2 girlfriends… AT THE SAME TIME now! Haha”

-- TJ, New York

"For the price I’ve paid, this is seriously WAY BETTER than all the other expensive home study DVDs out there!"

“Hi Simon,

Loved your newsletters keep those mails coming man! I’ve learnt so much from it! Anyway I’m writing to thank you for coming out with this. For the price I’ve paid, this is seriously WAY BETTER than all the other expensive home study DVDs out there!

I have a number of them I admit, but the info I got here was more relevant to my experiences. So many things that was said, struck me.. for once, I had that “Eureka!” moment about what women want. I’d highly recommend EVERY GUY to get this. It’s helped me so much and I’ll be damned if it doesn’t do the same for you too!”

Take care and good job!”

-- Austin Q, Perth, Australia

That lead to mind-blowing sex, and then a follow up e-mail from her saying she liked it best "raunchy and hard when you bent me over the table - I am really attracted to you. I must see you much more often." This from a girl who seems sooooo proper and uptight in the office.

Guys, it all came together this week, and it was magnificent. I'll try to keep as concise as possible.

Super hot, head-turning 24 year old secretary in my lawfirm. I'm 34.

Started by taking her to lunch to talk about her career aspirations. Did not feel to her as though I was asking her on a date. Always important, but especially in the office.

Took her to a place where I had "social proof" and controlled the situation. Romantic authentic Italian place - good conversation starter to talk about my place in Italy and my world travel and my gourmet cooking skills without sounding like I'm trying to impress her.

Followed up with asking her to join me in an adventurous activity - sea kayaking (I live in costal Maine). Again, lots of social proof b/c I know the owner of the shop and guide service.

Asking her to my sailboat for an afternoon sail then seemed more natural. (I know, having a sailboat's kind of an unfair advantage, but stay with me here). I always frame it as.. "hey, I'm going ____; you're welcome to come. Be there at ___.

My favorite part. After loosening up with drinks, I used something i just learned from you guys. Told her I was studying massage and palm reading. She stuck out her hand.... I had the whole bs thing planned about what to say... allowed me to caress her hands... then I talked about the nerve endings in the head and showed her how head massage works... from there the first kiss was basically inevitable..... she later shared with me that before the touching she was sure she was just getting off the boat before we did anything....

That lead to mind-blowing sex, and then a follow up e-mail from her saying she liked it best "raunchy and hard when you bent me over the table - I am really attracted to you. I must see you much more often." This from a girl who seems sooooo proper and uptight in the office.

Yeah, I'm already good with girls, but this one was special - super hot, YOUNG, in the office, etc... this is another level that you guys helped me reach. My married friends are so freakin' jealous. Thank God I'm not married - seriously, this is one of the best parts of life... and knowing if she doesn't work out (but wait - it already HAS worked out!), there are 100 more... so empowering, and I sware it's knowing there's always another that makes women attracted to me most.

I was raised a "nice guy" but now that I'm acting the way women are hardwired to like, everyone's much happier - especially the women, even if they complain that I seem hard to pin down. It's me they want to hang out with, not the dude who treats them like they say they want to be treated.

My best,


"Woman went from cold to kissing me in public to inviting me for dinner on Tuesday. She couldn't get the smile off her face."

Thanks to you guys, I'm really putting it together now. It is freakin' amazing, feels like invincibility. I was out with a solid 8 tonight, by any standard. Super cute, smart, rich, worldly girl. Very sexy and stylish. 30 - I'm 34. I focused on talking about all my travels and experiences and food and fashion - and telling the stories that make me sound loyal etc... the stuff Dean teaches us to focus on. Woman went from cold to kissing me in public to inviting me for dinner on Tuesday. She couldn't get the smile off her face.

It's all a f*cking science. It can be taught, and practiced, and learned.

I'm sure you don't need to hear this, but never underestimate the significance and importance of what you do. Money and vagina are the two forces that control the world, and you two have one of those covered.

Bravo to you two, and much success and happiness to you in the New Year. May you become fabulously wealthy with your business many times over. I've dropped a few hundred bucks on your materials - probably worth $100k. Heck, some lame rich dudes would pay millions for the fun I've had.


-- Tony F


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